Hi! Welcome To My Site!

My name is James S. Wang and I am an undergraduate student at Johns Hopkins University as a (pure) mathematics and computer science dual major. In my spare time, I like to learn about math and algorithms, program software, draw, read about several topics, and listen to and dance to kpop.

I find problem solving really enjoyable. It's so satisfying when I finally find the right answer to something I've been thinking about. Math is great in this aspect because a lot of it consists of identifying the problem and solving it. Computer Science adds complexity to problem solving with algorithms. Algorithms can be used to solve all problems of a specific type of problem, so it's like knocking down an entire row of problems with one method. In addition, there's many different ways to implement an algorithm, each with its own time and space complexity (speed and memory efficiency), meaning there's almost always room for improvement beyond my direct, brute-force methods.

My favorite programming language is Python because I find it simple, elegant, and efficient. In the middle of my sophomore year, I began my journey as a programmer by teaching myself Java with a textbook my computer science teacher gave me. I had previously learned a little bit of Visual Basic, but not enough to want to do anything with it. I learned some Java Swing and made a few GUIs before moving onto Python. I taught myself about the basic data structures through Leetcode and other Python applications through the online version of Automate the Boring Stuff with Python. Now here I am, learning basic HTML/CSS so I can make this site!

I'm also a pretty big K-pop fan. The first real K-pop song (not PSY) I listened to was Bang Bang Bang by BigBang. However, I didn't really get into K-pop until I listened to Electric Shock and became a f(x) stan (Krystal & Amber are the best). Currently, my favorite band is GFriend (여자친구), and my favorite song from them is Rough (시간을 달려서).

Current favorite songs: