My Projects

High School Projects

  • NoteUtil

    For the first two months of my junior year, a bunch of my friends and I would pool all of our notes into a massive google doc to study for the tests. Eventually, I realized that was a pretty trash strategy for studying so I started a different way of note taking that involved extracting key terms from a textbook that our teacher gave us. I believed I would have a good idea of the chapter if I knew all of those terms. I knew just typing their definitions into a google doc would not help very much with studying, as I mostly memorized content through repeated testing. In order to make quizzes for myself, I programmed an automated process of reading my notes and asking questions.

  • Discord bots

    All of my friends can vouch for me when I say I use Discord a lot. It's 10x better than Skype, and actually has an API. I stumbled upon, a library that allows me to create bots (programmable users) and feed them commands to do what I want. It gives me a user interface whenever I want to show the effects of my code for myself or my friends and is a really useful tool.

  • Pokemon Type Effectiveness

    Originally made for a friend, this desktop app allows you to input the types of a Pokemon and will output its strengths and weaknesses. I used Comic Sans to annoy him.