What impact do you want to have on the world and why?

I believe in a sense of humanity. Deep down, I know that we, as humans, are all connected and we should treat each other with respect and acceptance. To hurt a fellow human is to hurt oneself. I have seen countless instances of people treating others poorly and hurting others for what they believe to be their own personal gain. For instance, several video game communities are known for their toxicity and members often brag about their ability to “out-flame” their teammates. However, it’s possible that we hurt each other without even meaning to, such as how social media causes us to feel insecure because we constantly compare ourselves with how others portray themselves. Many can relate to the feeling of being “ghosted,” ignored by someone’s online presence. These are all examples of how technology has damaged our relations between others since we only see actions, not intentions or emotions. We are the most “connected” generation, but we are also the most disconnected generation.

It is my hope to rebuild real relations. To find a way to bring the human characteristics we possess in the real world to the digital world. When we meet others online, we should see more than a username so we understand that we are communicating with another person, not presence. I want to be able to rebuild our sense of empathy among others, because right now all I see is an era of online shaming. Hatred has never been expressed so freely and it desensitizes us from others’ emotions. To all the people who have felt lonely, instead of making them feel left out, the digital world should be able to help them feel connected to others once again. It is my goal to find a solution to help them regain their sense of humanity.